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How to Create Buzz for Your Business with 7 Tips

In a world where viral success can launch your business to the next level, creating buzz for your business is the first step. Don’t just sit around and wait for word about your business to start buzzing. Go generate it!

Despite common belief, creating buzz around your business is not as hard as you would think. You just need to take a risk and get yourself out there. These 7 tips will show you how to increase buzz around your business.

1.  Offer Free Training to Your Customers

Try to offer your customers opportunities to learn  and increase their skills. Make the training fun and valuable. Word will begin to buzz that your customers get free training.

2.  Conduct a Research Study

People love the insights numbers can provide. If you specialize in a field, you can design a research study that scientifically demonstrates your product or service effectiveness. This bit of PR material will spread like wildfire in the community as it gets cited over and over again.

3.  Find Free Media Advertising

Media outlets are always looking for great opportunities to highlight local businesses and their success. Develop a short, straight-to-the-point press release and mail them out.

Contact the following for free buzz:

  • Local college radio stations and newspapers
  • Internet and public radio business talk shows
  • Industry-specific newsletters and e-zines
  • Local newspapers and business journals

4.  Volunteer in the Community

Spend a day helping out the community. Wear your company logo on a t-shirt and get your hands dirty planting some trees or cleaning up the neighborhood. Take photos and share them on your social media channels and PR reports.

5.  Connect with Your Supporting, Non-Competing Companies

Who does business in your industry that is not a direct competitor and would not be a client? Brainstorm a list of these supporting businesses and reach out to them. Support each other to create buzz.

6.  HARO

Help a Reporter Out! This resource will connect you with reporters writing articles requiring your expertise. You can get quoted and generate buzz from their hard work.

7.  Write Guest Blogs

Sharing your knowledge with a wider audience will generate buzz around your business. Reach out to some industry websites and become a guest blogger.