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How To Pick The Right Keywords For Your Website

As a small business, your number one goal is growth. And that means your online presence as much as your physical one. That is where the experts at WPamplify can help. With affordable prices, your small business can get help with generating leads and visitors from search engines to your online sites. Let’s look at some of the different types of keywords. 

Different Keyword Types

Below we will discuss some keyword types that can be beneficial to your business’s growth and your potential customers finding you more quickly and easily. 


Informational terms are used by individuals who are looking for more information regarding a service or product before they make a decision on it. These types of keyword searches are for those searching for “more”. 


Commercial terms are usually used by individuals ready to buy. Those who know the basics of what they want or need and are now searching for the best place or way to purchase. 


Local Terms pertain to those searches in which the individual is looking for options near them. These searches may look something like “Flower shops near me,” or “top-rated restaurants in my area.” 


LSI keywords are related terms to your main keyword. These relevant terms help with breaking up the repeating of your main keyword which helps your site with having a better chance at ranking. 

Finding Your Main Keywords

Knowing the best main keywords to use for your sites can be difficult. The good news is that it is not impossible. There are quite a few tools available online to help with this including the Google Search Console. This is a free tool by Google that allows you to see what terms your site ranks for, as well as which terms it will show up for. 

Another free online tool is Keyword Surfer. This tool allows you to see the search page data and can show you items such as related searches, search volumes, and the sites that are ranked regarding those terms. Ubersuggest is another useful tool for picking out the best terms and related terms for your business. There is a free version and a paid for version of Ubersuggest, so the decision of what you need from the service and if you are willing to pay for it really depends on your business and its needs. 

Finding LSI Keywords

There are many free and paid for options and tools regarding finding the right relatable terms for your small business. Surfer SEO is a well-known and trusted name in the global marketing community when it comes to keyword research, as well as much more. 

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