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Causes of Small Business Failure and How to Avoid Them

Starting a new business is a complicated and can be an intimidating endeavor. People that build their own businesses follow a dream, but it’s important to plan out your dream in a careful manner. Many small businesses fail early on, but there are things that you can do to increase your chance of succeeding. Find out some of the causes of small business failure and how to avoid them.

Why Do Small Businesses Fail?

There are several reasons why small businesses fail. Fortunately, you can try to avoid these problems before you even start your endeavor.

Blinded by Your Dream

There are people out there who are serial entrepreneurs. These people have a lot of different business ideas and dreams. Not all of them are million-dollar ideas. Sort through and focus on the one that you’re the best at and is going to be the most marketable. You should keep track of your other ideas as well but start with the one that is making you a profit.

Lack of Business Plan

Before you begin to move forward to with your business, it’s important to fully map out your business plan. This should include your target audience along with monthly and quarterly goals. Having a structured business plan also helps you anticipate what problems may arise and how you would handle them. You should go over your business plan each year to make sure you still have your goals clearly outlined and add new ones as they arise.

Not Enough Capital

Along with your business plan, it’s important that you budget and plan properly so you have enough money to run and grow your business. By building your budget you can see how to move things forward. You may also want to look into hiring a bookkeeper.

Bad Management Team

It’s imperative that you have the right people in place to help you move your business forward. If you make a mistake and someone turns out to be the wrong person, you need to be able to let this person go and move on. People that aren’t working out are a huge drain on your business.

No Responsibility

Your business is ultimately your responsibility. Instead of blaming others, you have to take responsibility for your business if you have any hopes of it succeeding. You hired all of your employees and everything comes back to you. This is your business, take pride in it and in its success.

Closed to Criticism and Feedback

While it’s important to keep your vision and ideas intact, you also need to be open to the ideas of others. Don’t take advice blindly, but take it into consideration. People have different specialties and someone may see something that you don’t.

What You Can Do

From choosing a location to knowing about the competition and being interactive on social media, there are steps you can take to make your small business more successful.

Wrong Location

If your business isn’t bringing in customers, you should take a look at your location along with other factors. Many businesses fail from just choosing the wrong location. It could be something as simple as the businesses surrounding yours or the access to the freeway.

Growing Too Fast

The success of your business is based upon your growth, but it is possible to grow too fast. If you grow too fast, you may not be able to keep up with your orders. It’s also possible that you may saturate your current market and run out of customers. Sustainable growth is the best roadway to success. This is where a fully formed business plan will do wonders for you.

Not Paying Attention to Rivals

You need to both investigate as well as respect your competition. It’s important to know what’s working well for them and how you can differentiate your business. The more you know about what you’re up against, the better you can service your customers to set your business apart.

Undervaluing What You Sell

While it’s important not to overcharge your customers, you need to set a fair price that will still bring you a profit. Know your product and its worth in the marketplace. This helps you set a price that both you and your customers will be happy with.

Lack of Social Media

Practically everyone uses some form of social media. Because of this, social media is essential to interact with your existing and potential customers. This is a great place to differentiate your customer service from your competitors as well as market new products and offer discounts. It also helps to have an ongoing blog that is continually updated with useful info and news. The entries should be shared on social media to inspire interest and conversation.

The biggest thing when starting a new business is research. You need to know your product market. your location and your target customers. The more information you gather and the better planning you do, the greater your chance of success will be.

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