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Halsted Corporation – 77% More Website Visitors, Largest Customer Ever & New Website

halstedThis case study features our client, Halsted Corporation, out of Cranbury, NJ. Halsted has been manufacturing textile bags for agricultural and industrial packaging since 1876.

2018 Update

We’re updating this case study because Halsted also came to us for a new website. They were previously on Drupal with a dated designed that wasn’t mobile responsive. We transitioned them over to WordPress with a more modern design, mobile friendly of course and special features like responsive Stock Inventory tables.

Click here to see the new website and, for comparison purposes, here’s the old website:

halsted old website

Halsted’s Old Website – Click Here for New Website


Halsted became a client because they wanted to rank higher in the search engines for keywords relevant to their business and get more leads. Their website already had some existing organic website visitors and rankings, but there was room for improvement, and so they hired us to help achieve their goals.

Scope of Work

  • We did keyword research to help identify the best ones for their optimization.
  • We optimized their meta data and content for their keywords.
  • We’ve been building a steady flow of quality links for them every month.
  • We optimized their sitemap and submitted it to Google Search Console.
  • We use Search Console on a monthly basis to fine tune their meta data.
  • We optimized their “Request a Quote” form.
  • We’ve been providing website support to them on an as-needed basis.

Note: Halsted wasn’t interested in having us blog for them. And the way their product pages were setup, we had a great selection of pages to optimize — so while blogging is usually encouraged, in their case, it wasn’t crucial.


As far as actual organic visitors goes, in May of 2015, they received 528 visits from the search engines. In May of 2017, they received 933 visits from organic search — an increase of 77%.

halsted website growth

But most importantly, their website is generating a steady flow of qualified leads for their marketing and sales team to follow-up with. And, as a side note, one of the website leads turned into the company’s largest customer ever.

halsted review

In Summary

Halsted came to us because they wanted more search engine visitors and leads. Quality SEO takes time — over the last 2 years, we’ve helped them increase their monthly organic visitors by 77% resulting in more leads.

Can we do the same for you? Contact us today and we’ll give you a free website analysis.