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Brand Boosting with Great Web Design and Quality Content

There are many ways to brand a business. The goal is to make the business more memorable in its field. When people think of certain goods or services, they should remember your business. There are several ways to make your business distinctive including stellar website design and superior content. Discover how to use your online presence to boost your business brand.

Thoughtful Web Design

The bottom line is a thoughtful web design increases your bottom line and helps you outperform your competitors. According to the Design Council, shares in businesses that value a good website design outperform stock market indicators by up to 200 percent. This creates a direct connection between your web design and market value. Some businesses found an updated web design impacted their market share by a whopping 100 percent. Businesses that focused on an appealing website design realized a $298 return on each $130 spent on website development and design. Clearly the right web design makes your business more visible and relevant to the people you want to reach. A fantastic website design goes hand-in-hand with quality web content.

Hold Their Interest

Most people decide whether to stay at a website or surf away within just 1/20th of a second. This is a very short period of time to grab their attention. Colors, logos, images and fonts get people to take notice. Once they linger your website, it is imperative to hold their interest. Poor content will send them surfing away to the competition. This where efficient website design and strong content come together. Your content should answer compelling questions visitors might have. This gets them to stay at your website longer to learn more about what your business can do for them.

Deliver Something Special

Your content needs to deliver something special. It can be as simple as the voice you use. Appeal to consumers without talking over their heads. Add a dash of humor to your content. Take an authoritative tone to get the attention of scholars. Include updated facts about your industry and tips you have learned from personal experience. These are the types of websites people want to visit again. This content is also more likely to get shared on social media. This is the third tier of your online branding efforts. Establish social media accounts on sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter to further brand your business. Share a link to your latest content on your business social media accounts to let people know something new is up.

Generating Leads

An eye-catching web design and quality content make people want to find out more. Give them the facts about your business and what it can do to improve their lives. Everyone wants to improve a certain aspect of their life. From a simple widget to a life altering service, each contribution matters. Your sales content must convey the reason why people choose your business over any other. Having a distinctive call to action is the ultimate way to generate leads. Your call to action can also include a limited time offer so people feel compelled to act right away. Your goal is to turn visitors into paying customers.

Deliver the Goods and More

Once your website design and content attract customers and get them to take action, your business must deliver the goods. Never make claims you can’t fulfill. Be honest and deliver more than the customer expects. This is the best way to get customers to come back for more. They will also want to share their great experience with everyone they know. Word-of-mouth is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to brand your business. It all starts with a website design that attracts search engines and targeted traffic. Your content piques interest and provides useful info. A call to action transforms your visitors into customers. Making them happy and keeping them happy ensures your business will be a success.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: Savvy businesses have discovered the direct link between stellar website design and quality content. This winning combination attracts visitors and helps transform them into paying customers. Providing the highest level of service and exceeding their expectations is the ultimate way to brand your business and achieve greater success.[/box]