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3 Ways Blogging Can Help Boost Your Website SEO

You’ve probably heard many times that you should be adding new content to your website. But why? It takes a lot of time to plan out topics and write blog posts…so is it worth it? The answer is…it depends. 

Adding new content to your website is very important because it allows you to get more relevant keywords on your site. Now, the caveat to that is that you must be writing relevant information to your industry. Blogging about things that are not providing your customers or clients real information will not serve you well in the way of SEO. 

But, if you spend the time to put together relevant information that people need to know or want to hear, then it can really help the SEO on your website. 

Here’s how: 

1. Increases Keywords and Keyword Phrases on Your Site

Like we mentioned, when you write relevant content to your industry, you will naturally rank for more keywords and keyword phrases. People usually ask questions on Google…and when you write blogs, you’ll be more likely to provide them the answers they are looking for. Therefore, your blog posts have a good chance of showing up in the search results for information that would be of value to your target audience. 

Even if your blog posts do not get a lot of traction, you are still increasing the relevant keywords on the site. The more pages and posts on the site with content that is in your niche’, the greater the authority the site will have on the subject. Google is more likely going to bring up your site in search results because it sees you have a lot to say on the subject. 

2. Great For Link Building

Both linking internally and externally to blogs is great for your website. When you are talking about backlinks (linking back to your site from another site), linking to blogs is natural. It’s much more common for someone to quote something you wrote in a blog versus a page on your site.

Also, when it comes to internal linking, it’s natural to reference other blogs on your website in new blog content that you are writing. You should always link to other relevant content when you are posting new blogs. This helps Google understand how these pages relate to each other and helps to increase your site’s authority. 

3. Perfect For Social Shares

Typically speaking, someone is going to share a blog post they read versus your main website or any other page on your site. When you write engaging content that people want to read, they will be more likely to Pin it on Pinterest, share on Facebook or Twitter, or any other type of social media platform. 

When you write really relevant content that is easy to read, people will usually stay on your post long enough to understand your thoughts on the subject. They will also be more likely to click related content that you have linked up to in the posts. The more people who read your blogs and the longer they stay, the better it is for the overall SEO on your website. 

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