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4 Ways To Boost Content on Your Blog

If you are a business owner who has written a blog for your website, you know the frustration of gaining readers. We would all love for readers just magically to appear, but it takes some work in order for you to build an audience. It is easy to get frustrated and want to give up on blogs, but you have to remember the benefits of blogging. They have a huge impact on your business by attracting new customers and traffic to your site, help you build a social media audience, and help make good impressions on customers.

We want to help you with four ways you can boost the content within your blogs and gain more readers. These tips are easy to follow and should help your website gain more traffic.

1. Add Section Where You Can Answer Related Questions

When working on a new blog, make it a good habit to answer a few common questions at the bottom of the blog. Potential customers always have questions, and they are seeking answers. Generally, if you are answering popular questions on your page, it can help your website on many levels. It can help improve your rankings, get your page featured more, and improve engagement by addressing those popular questions.

Creating a FAQ (frequently asked question) area on your page is accessible. It can be as easy as trying to answer more than two questions on your page. You can do it as a separate section underneath each of the blogs. It does not take much time, especially if you are familiar with the topic you are writing on. If you are looking for FAQ, you can answer; try using People Also Ask on Google. 

2. Embed Pictures and Video

Potential customers who are reading your blog will be more engaged if they have visual content to look at within your blog. Videos and pictures are well known to boost engagement in emails, blogs, and social media. Videos and pictures are easy to create and add to your article. Videos can be recorded using Zoom or if you are shy, try using an online tool like Invideo to help you. Pictures and videos can help you gain more shares and clicks, and they can also give you a chance to rank your content in more than just organic results. 

3. Diversify Your Call to Action

Attracting more readers to your blog is nice, but why are they really on your website? Most articles are written to entertain or inform your readers, but you also want those readers to become customers. Some possible call to actions you can use to gain customers and subscribers can include:

  • Asking them to share your article
  • Give them the option to opt into your newsletter
  • Ask them to come back
  • Let them subscribe to your mailing list
  • A call to action is easy to add and can include something besides the typical contact us. 

4. Use Social Media Fully

When you write a new blog, make sure you are using all of your social media platforms. You can share that blog to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. If you spend a little time cultivating your networks and sharing your great content, your social media sites can become one of your most significant traffic sources. More traffic can lead to more customers, more sales, and more revenue for your business.

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