WordPress blogging servicesWe can help you with WordPress blogging services — something most small businesses know they need to be doing but have trouble finding the time to do it. Our company’s blog management for business owners is full-service, from writing to publishing, so you don’t have to lift a finger to get content on your website.

Why is Blogging and a Blogging Platform Important?

Optimizing your WordPress site nowadays is much more than just doing search engine optimization. The search engines also like a website that contains quality articles because that’s what their searchers are looking for. This is exactly what a blog is used for — adding pages of relevant articles to your small business’ website.

And keep in mind that the search engines don’t rank websites…they rank pages of content. So if you want more visitors to your website — and more leads — you need a steady flow of content, especially blogs posts. In other words, every new blog post you add to your website is an additional way a potential customer can find your WordPress website.

What We’ll Do For You

Our blogging plan is completely full-service management from picking the best topics to writing the content and then publishing it to your website’s blog.

Here’s the full scope of our blog service:

  • We typically blog for you 2-4 times per month.
  • Our team will choose topics that are relevant to your business.
  • We write, proofread, and publish the content for you.
  • Every blog post is around 600 words long.
  • Every piece of content is optimized for a keyword using our SEO tools, such as Google Analytics.
  • All blog articles are enhanced with links and an image.

Whether you own an online store or a larger company, our WordPress blogging services are for you! Allow the team here at WPamplify to help your business rank higher on any search engine. We can also assist you with WordPress hosting and more.

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