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Advance Your Business with Twitter’s Advanced Search Feature

Twitter is a social media powerhouse that provides a global communication platform where users share witty, thought provoking tweets that stay within the symbolic 140 character restriction limit. Approximately 6,000 tweets go out into the universe each second of every day covering endless topics from the latest news events to a comical moment at the mall.

It is a substantial amount of content to search through when you are looking for industry trends or the topic of conversation in your target market audience on a given day. Twitter recognizes the importance of being able to easily search for content, providing users with an opportunity to streamline this process by using a built-in ‘advanced search’ tool. Take a look at the various ways this tool will save you time and energy in generating leads for your company.

Discover Trending Keywords and Hashtags

Pinpointing trending industry keywords and hashtags helps you devise a strategy for attracting the attention of your target market audience. The advanced search tool comes in handy when you are looking to accomplish this task.


You can break the keyword and the hashtag conversation down further by setting parameters that narrows the results Twitter provides. Within a matter of seconds, you receive search results showcasing consumers and industry influencers who are holding Twitter conversations using those keywords and hashtags. This gives you …

  • Insight into the current problem that your audience faces.
  • The opportunity to create a focused campaign, highlighting how your product or service works to solve that problem.
  • A connection with the topics your audience is currently discussing, therefore providing you with the opportunity to present yourself as an authority figure within your industry.

With this information, you can engage in a conversation with these individuals and follow their accounts if you desire.

Target Geographical Markets

Some of your best opportunities to increase sales revenue may be no further than your backyard. Even if you primarily do business online, you will benefit greatly by having a physical presence within your local community. It creates the potential for word-of-mouth advertising as local residents and companies can recommend your business to individuals that have a need for your product or service.

Through the Twitter advanced search tool, you can …

  • Identify users who reside in your community.
  • Join in a conversation that focuses on a local topic of interest.
  • Find information on a community gathering that you can attend or simply learn more about your local customer base.
  • Discover innovative ways to form a local connection with consumers that have a need for your product or service.
  • Extend a warm ‘virtual’ welcome to your local neighbors and give them an opportunity to get to know your business a little better.

The tool also allows you to conduct a geographical search of any location on the planet. You also have the available option to search for any geographical location of interest. Modern technology makes it possible for one of your customers to reside across the street from your physical location while another one is halfway around the globe.

You can take a look at trending conversations in various locations by going down to the ‘places’ section and enter a specific location of interest. Search parameters are available to further define the geographical location you are looking at or fill-in additional information that you want to include in a search.

Uncover Your Business Reputation

A vital aspect to your business operations is knowing what your customers have to say about your company and the products or services that you offer. Using the advanced search tool, Twitter provides you with the ability to conduct a sentiments search.

  • This allows you to receive consumer and industry content mentioning your business.
  • You can find similar search results focusing on your product or service, your industry or a relevant keyword.
  • The search information will include positive and negative content, which can be difficult to receive at first.

Learning what your target market audience and industry has to say about your company can help you identify areas of possible improvement. Look at the content you receive as constructive criticism and work on resolving the things that stand out. When a customer appears to have a negative issue with your company that remains unresolved, reach out to that person and attempt to rectify the situation.

To access this feature of the search tool, scroll to the bottom of the search box. Underneath the ‘other’ category you have the option to select whether to receive positive content, negative content or both.

Provide Knowledge

Knowledge provides power and allows consumers to make educational decisions about the products and services they need. They use this knowledge to determine whether to do business with you or your competition. One way you can illustrate how your products or services are a better choice than the competition is to answer consumer questions.

The built-in advanced search tool on Twitter gives you the opportunity to search for possible questions weighing on the  minds of your customers. Within the search box area there is a section focusing on sentiments. You simply select the box next to ‘questions’ and then click the search button. Twitter takes your search request and provides a list of results showcasing user content that matches that request.

  • Take a few minutes to look over the list of questions that your target market audience faces.
  • See if you can offer assistance in any way.
  • Make a suggestion on how your product or service works to alleviate a questionable situation.

Some questions you see may relate specifically to your company or industry. Others may be basic questions that consumers are asking about life in general. Answering these questions in an honest manner works to give consumers an insight into the casual, friendly side of your business.

Monitor Username Inquires

Username inquires provide you with the ability to identify new lead opportunities present within your industry. You can scan a certain range of username accounts to see current content including tweets and retweets that a particular username account sends to another user account.

  • It gives insight into what consumers or the competition may be saying about your company or industry.
  • It also provides you with an idea of what brands consumers turn to when looking to make a purchase.

The advanced search tool ‘people’ section allows you to enter username information for customer accounts and include user account names that may appear as a mention in a tweet or retweet.

Keep the Competition Close

An essential part of your business operations requires you to keep a close watch on the competition. You need to know what they are thinking, how they approach your target market audience and the marketing pieces they use for promotional campaigns. By watching the actions of the competition, you gain a feel for how their approach highlights the benefits of their products or services.

Make a comparison against how you present the benefits of your product line and see if there is something you can do a little differently. The slightest variation of approach in attracting the attention of your target market audience can be enough to give you a competitive advantage in the industry. That can make the difference between consumers selecting you to meet their needs or turning to the competition instead.

The Twitter advanced search tool makes it easy for you to secretly monitor the actions of your competition. You can keep a close watch on local competitors as well as industry competitors that may reside across the country. When you search for the competition’s Twitter activity, you gain insight into how the customers react with the company as well. The search tool includes tweets containing the company’s name, as well as content that mentions the company in a retweet or reply format. You receive all of the current content showcasing that company in your search results.

That means you will have access to target market audience tweets that mention the company, reply to the company or make the competition the focal point of a tweet. This allows you to …

  • See how the company responds to consumer criticism and negative experiences.
  • Make a learning opportunity out of the information by seeing how you would respond differently to consumers.
  • Craft a different approach to an issue consumers may have with the industry in general or a similar product you also offer — which provides value to the consumer experience. Added value is what encourages consumers to build trust and loyalty with your business.

Enter the username of your competition in the mentions box that is underneath the ‘people’ section of the search box. You have the option of searching for one or more usernames at a time. It gives you the chance to search for more than one competitor account so you can create an overview of the competition as a whole.

The Final Thought

Social media brings the power of consumer marketing directly to your fingertips. You gain real time market research information giving insight into consumer behavior, their thought process on purchasing, and customer service experiences with your company and the competition. The Twitter advanced search tool takes your marketing research potential one step further by providing you with information that is useful in devising effective marketing strategies. Contact us at WPamplify for more information on how Twitter can boost your business.