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7 Ways to Gain Exposure for Your Manufacturing Website

While many industries are harnessing the full power of having an online presence, manufacturing enterprises often overlook the importance of developing an effective website. Manufacturers are busy taking care of multiple details ranging from production to keeping up with the frenetic pace of a constantly changing marketplace. Taking a few minutes to establish a strong web presence can make a big difference in your bottom line. Start to soar past the competition with these 7 simple ways to gain more exposure for your manufacturing website.

1. Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

The next time you sign a contract or attend a trade show, interact with your customers. Encourage them to ask questions and find out what they really want. When you talk to your customers, it gives you a better idea of how the market is changing and what you can do to keep up with it. Position yourself as a valuable resource by answering customers’ questions on your website and social media accounts.

2. Deliver Real Information in a Visual Format

Use technology to provide the update information your customers crave. Formerly this might have been done through conferences, speeches and brochures. Now you can write articles for your blog, create a YouTube video outlining certain procedures and prepare an engaging PowerPoint presentation rather than a lengthy talk. Use visuals to help customers see all the possibilities your manufacturing business has to offer.

3. Update Your Website

The days of having a website with a home page and contact page are over. Now your website should provide visuals, articles, video and updates. Include links to white papers, reports and industry resources. Make your website a one-stop shop for your customers. Add sharing buttons to get visitors to share your content on social media and spread the word about what you do. Incorporate a definitive call to action in your content to encourage visitors to become customers.

4. Show Off Your Website

During presentations, use visuals to refer to articles and images at your website. Include your website and social media info on business cards, letterhead, brochures and flyers. Print out articles from your website to distribute to customers. Let everyone know that you have a manufacturing website with important information so they want to visit it.

5. Create a Dynamic Blog

Blogging is the ultimate way to make your website relevant. Updating your blog on a regular basis brings people back to your website and helps boost its ranking on the major search engines. Use your blog to develop a voice and brand for your manufacturing business. From highlighting new products to analyzing manufacturing trends, your blog can be a resource for your industry. Respond to comments left on your blogs and social media accounts so people know your business cares.

6. Build Links to Your Website

Creating links to your website is a way to attract targeted traffic. Add a link to your website in your email newsletters. If you are an expert in a certain field, write guest blog posts for other websites. Consider writing for reputable article directories and industry publications. Visit manufacturing blogs and leave a meaningful comment with a link back to your website. Building links is also a way to build your business over time.

7. Keywords and SEO

When it comes to SEO and keywords, too much of a good thing can get you in trouble. Choose a few common keywords related to your business and sparingly sprinkle them into your web content. What words would people type in the search box of a search engine to find your business? Determine these words and incorporate them into your website. Don’t use too many keywords or your website could be eliminated from search engine results. There is a fine line between the effective use of keywords and going overboard.

Beyond production, your manufacturing businesses needs to be cutting edge when it comes to technology. A few basic updates to your website proves your company can handle the ongoing changes in a fast-paced marketplace.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: Maintaining a productive manufacturing business is demanding but you need to make time to update your website. Simple ways to revamp your website include adding a blog, using pertinent keywords and incorporating images and visuals into your web content.[/box]