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50 Ways to Advertise Your Small Business

As you know, advertising your small business can drastically increase your revenue. You’ve probably tried some ways of advertising and want to get some fresh ideas. There are so many creative ways to take your small business to the next level and this guide aims to give you some inspiration to do just that. Keep reading and then try one, two, or three of these tips today.

1. Get Published Online

Getting your article published online is a great way to get your business out there and at a very low cost. Reach out to a website or online magazine that shares news on your industry and share your experience through writing.

2. Google Adwords

With the right keyword focus and understanding of your target audience, Google Adwords can increase your bottom line dramatically.

3. Donate or Volunteer

Either donate products or volunteer your services to a worthy cause and get the name of your business out there to new people while doing a good deed.

4. Facebook Ads

If you’re using Facebook to promote your business, try their advertising system to gain more page Likes and subscribers.

5. StumpleUpon Discovery

A great way to get consistent online traffic for cheap, StumpleUpon will drive people to your online content.

6. Build a Website

If your company doesn’t have one, a website can really advertise your business while you sleep. Make this happen today.

7. Build Your Email List

Email marketing is a huge industry with lots of proven success. Start by simply asking for someone’s email address and take it from there.

8. Attend Trade Shows

Check the calendar and see what trade shows might be coming to town. Get to know other business owners and share your products with them.

9. Network Locally

Go to networking events and other professional meetings in your community. Share your business with them and collect their information.

10. Start a Meetup Group

A Meetup.com group is a cheap and effective way to gather people together around a common interest. Build relationships and then share your product or service.

11. Post Fliers

Go to your local cafes, schools, and businesses and post a flier about your business on their bulletin board.

12. Connect with Bloggers

Find the influential bloggers in your business industry and then ask them to review your product or service. A great review could get you lots of publicity.

13. Get LinkedIn

Not only can you get your business signed up for a LinkedIn account, but this professional social network also allows you to run targeted business ads.

14. Check Local Directories

Community-based online networks are a great place to meet people in your community that share the same interests as you. Find a group that needs your business.

15. Location Based Services

Submit your business to location-based services like Google Places, Foursquare, and Facebook check-in to get found more easily online.

16. Write Press Releases

These pieces of PR are invaluable to sharing the success your business has experienced or the positive impact it has had on the community. Pass your press releases along to the media.

17. Contact Your Local Media

Reach out to your local news paper or TV station and pitch a story about your business to them. Often reporters are on the lookout for great local stories.

18. Cross Promote

Team up with a complimentary business and share each other’s products with customers. With the right partnership, you can strengthen both of your brands.

19. Teach Workshops and Seminars

Reach out to your local library or community center and offer to teach a skill you know well. Doing so will give you a free opportunity to promote your business and share knowledge.

20. Public Speaking

Giving a speech is a great opportunity to get public recognition and respect. Find opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and get noticed.

21. Social Media Market

Get your business on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc and start sharing. Share interesting content, engage with other, and make great offers.

22. A Free Trial

Nothing gets people’s interests better than a free trial or a free demo. Find a low-risk, low-cost way for you to give something away for free.

23. Ask for Referrals

Tell your current clients or customers you’ve worked with in the past that you’d like referrals. You can also offer a bonus if they do refer someone.

24. Content Marketing

Creating a blog and posting regularly is an excellent way to become a thought leader in your industry.

25. Print Advertising

Try placing an ad in the newspaper or targeted magazine. Print advertising can be very successful when targeted accurately.

26. Give Away Coupons

People love getting a deal and coupons are an easy way to get them to pick up the phone and give you a call or come into the store.

27. Promote a Sale

Offer a discount and people will be enticed to buy.

28. Barter

You can trade anything these days. Massages for graphic design. Writing for carpentry. Come up with some creative ways to share your services.

29. Sponsor a Team

Getting your logo and business name on the local Little League team is a great way to help kids and get seen.

30. Hold a Contest

Give away a free iPad. Have people give you their email or phone number and then follow up. The contact info is worth a lot.

31. Work on Your Message

The words you use and the message you share is vital to success. Hire a copywriter or continually try to make your messaging even better.

32. Be Easy to Reach

Nothing scares off customers easier than a non-responsive business. Respond to emails and phone calls promptly.

33. Write Thank You Notes

Sending a thank you note or handwritten message to valuable clients is a great way to build loyalty and get repeat business.

34. Upgrade Your Business Cards

Although things have gone digital, business cards are a vital piece of advertising. Make yours count.

35. Rent a Billboard

A billboard ad can be extremely influential with the right message and image.

36. Create Logo Clothing

Whether you design a t-shrit or baseball cap with your business logo on it, these pieces of clothing are excellent ways to gain exposure.

37. Host an Event

People love parties and events so make it a plan to host one at your business location.

38. Provide Great Customer Service

Field all questions with great poise and patience. Always give customers a smile and your business will grow.

39. Utilize Online Forums

Find the online forums in your business niche and regularly contribute. Answer questions and gain authority.

40. Public Transit Ads

If you live in a large metropolitan area, advertise your small business on a city bus or train for mass exposure.

41. Brand Your Car

Whether you have a business vehicle or not, put your business logo on the side of your car with a clear phone number or website address.

42. Email Signatures

Make sure your email signatures contain contact information for your business. This makes it easy for people to know more about your offering.

43. Yelp

Get your business up and running on Yelp. Customers will review your business and with positive reviews more traffic will steadily flow in.

44. Direct Mail Marketing

The power of direct mail marketing is immense. Find your target audience, craft your message, send the mail, and analyze the response.

45. Radio Ads

A radio ad is an excellent way to target geographical regions and reach a lot of people.

46. Make a Podcast

If you have intelligent and interesting information to share, set up a Podcast radio show and reach a whole new breed of audience.

47. Advertise on Mobile Apps

The mobile market is huge. Find ad space on different apps that mesh with your industry and audience.

48. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the number one video service online and is free to get started. Create some videos and share your business.

49. Invest in SEO

Optimize your website so you get high quality traffic from the search engines. This should be combined with a regular blogging program for maximum results.

50. Advertise on TV

A television ad gives you the opportunity to create something that engages viewers and reaches them in their homes.

Advertising for your small business does not have to cost you a fortune. These 50 ways demonstrate that with a little creativity, determination, and persistence, your small business can reach a larger audience very quickly.

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