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5 Ways to Keep Up With Manufacturing and Marketing Techniques

Manufacturing still remains a leading business in the United States. The U.S. is the world’s second largest manufacturer and this industry continue to be a vital source for jobs. With countries around the world competing in the manufacturing sector, it is essential for your manufacturing business to remain cutting edge in its approach. Consider 5 ways to keep up with manufacturing and marketing techniques to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Constantly Learn New Techniques

Some companies take pride in doing things the same way for generations. While this might apply to delivering top notch customer service, the only constant in life is change. Manufacturing businesses must be willing to learn new techniques and be open to change. Manufacturers compete in an international arena. Updated methods can help boost production and make your products more coveted in a constantly changing marketplace. Appealing to a small segment of your market can make your business become obsolete within just a few short years. Attend expos and seminars related to your field. Read research materials and manufacturing periodicals. Take classes when they are available. Share this information with your employees so they can become part of the ongoing changes. Remember, you can always teach an old dog new tricks.

2. Recruit Knowledgeable Employees

Recently NationSwell published an article about military members learning about new manufacturing techniques such as how to 3D print a car. These are the employees you want to recruit for your manufacturing business. They can bring new ideas and cutting edge innovations to your company. Search for employees who have access to technologies and information your business can use to get to the next level. Make sure your team is diverse and enthusiastic. Young people bring an energy to your business environment that can be contagious. People who have worked in manufacturing for decades can offer sage wisdom about having staying power in a competitive industry. Encourage everyone to share their skills and knowledge for a more productive environment. Conduct a company meeting each month to dish about possible ways to boost your business. This makes it possible to deliver the highest quality products and services to your valued customers. It also makes everyone feel like they are part of the decision-making processes which encourages loyalty and greater productivity.

3. Get to Know SEO

Savvy manufacturing executives realize the importance of creating and maintaining a recognizable online presence. Your manufacturing business needs to have a mobile-friendly website that can be accessed from laptops, desktops, smartphones and mobile devices. Certain phrases and keywords should be sparingly incorporated into your content to help it creep up the rankings of the major search engines. Your business should also have dedicated social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a Google+ page. Interact with your customers and associates on a regular basis. Post questions to find out what customers really want. Make them a part of your decision-making processes. Create a blog where you can post updates about your products, services and the overall industry. Enlist the assistance of an SEO professional who can handle these time-consuming tasks while you focus on building your manufacturing business.

4. Become an Expert

One of the best and most affordable ways to promote yourself is to become an expert in your field. Know the questions people are asking and find ways to answer them. A blog is an excellent way to post updates including links to educational resources and cutting edge products. Share your latest content on social media sites. Including sharing buttons on your blog content pages so visitors can also share your content. This is the latest way to promote your business through word-of-mouth. It might take some extra time to research your article but it is well worth the effort. You can use this knowledge to improve your manufacturing procedures and attract customers who appreciate your level of expertise.

5. Stalk the Competition

Never lose sight of what the competition is doing. While you don’t want to emulate the actions of another company, it is crucial to stay in the loop. Visit the websites and social media accounts of competitors. Find out what they are doing and the questions their customers have. This can enlighten you about trends in the marketplace and how you can stay on top of them. This is one time in life when stalking can be beneficial.

[box type=”shadow”]Main Takeaway: Evolving as a manufacturing business is crucial to stay relevant in a constantly changing marketplace. Discover the importance of learning new techniques and hiring a diverse team of employees. Keep in mind what the competition is doing, become an expert in your own unique area and remember to use SEO strategies to boost your online presence.[/box]