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20 Cheap and Easy Ways to Bring in New Business

Did you know there are effective ways to attract new business without spending much money? We aim to offer you a list of 20 different ways you can get new clients and customers without breaking your back or your bank account. After reading this list, you will be able to take these online marketing and business building tips to take your company to the next level. Keep reading to bring in new business.

1. Blogging

With start up costs from free to as little as $12 per year, blogging can bring in new business regularly. The beauty of a blog is that you can impart your expertise, build trusting readers, and convert them into customers or clients. There are free services to create a blog but you can spend just a little bit for the whole year and get a lot more layout customization as well as a custom domain name. Simply commit to writing a blog post at least a few times per month and you can bring in new business.

2. Twitter

Although Twitter might be a no-brainier to a savvy professional like yourself, you can probably optimize how you use Twitter even more to gain new business. Keep your posts regular. Interact with others and start conversations. Host a Twitter chat and share you knowledge. Twitter can be highly effective for business professionals, is a free tool, and can grow your business network.

3. LinkedIn

The professional network on LinkedIn can offer you connections to powerful people. Simply create an account for yourself and for your business. In order to create a business profile on LinkedIn, you will need an email address from a unique domain. For example, joe@YourCompany.com. You cannot use Gmail or Yahoo! email addresses. However you decide to get involve, check in with your contacts on LinkedIn every day or a few times per week to grow your network. With consistent use, you’ll gain new business through introductions and referrals.

4. Google Adwords

One of the more cost effective ways to advertise, Google Adwords gives you complete control over your budget. You can advertise with just a few dollars per day. For an effective campaign on Google Adwords, always target specific customers. You’ll gain more new business if you go after a small niche with less competition. Great ad copywriting and strategy can make your Adwords campaign lucrative.

5. Facebook

Another free social network, Facebook allows you to easily create a business page for your company. You can promote it with another cheap form of advertising and get people to interact with it. Since people spend so much time on Facebook, once they like your business page, you can post regular updates that will reach their feeds.

6. Buy Banner Ad Space

If you’re a local business, find websites that target your specific neighborhood or county. Often these small online newspapers offer cheap advertising space. You can rent a banner ad spot per month and reach locals who visit the page every day.

7. Press Releases

If you’re launching a new product or starting a new initiative, press releases allow search engines and other people to learn about your company. You can send out a positive message about your company and reach lots of potential new customers. Press releases often come up on search results, so they can help you reach more people too. You should also share them in your email newsletters.

8. Email Marketing

Most email marketing providers offer a free service option. Now is a great time to start email marketing. You can start with a simple newsletter and then as more people subscribe, you can target different sections of the population to send targeted offers and specials to. Email marketing offers you a great tool to research your audience and practice advertising techniques to optimize interaction.

9. Coupon Codes

If you sell products or services online, you can offer special deals to customers who act now. Promoting your coupon code on Google Adwords is a great way to reach new people and encourage them to buy. Calculate the math and if the numbers work, you can bring in new business at a profit.

10. Affiliate Marketing and Referrals

Do you sell products or services? You may want to consider affiliate marketing. By offering other business owners a cut of every sale they refer to you, you can develop in essence a commission-based sales force. Affiliate marketing will also cast the influence of your business in a wider net. You can also offer referral bonuses to current customers and clients to spread your business by word of mouth.

11. YouTube Videos

As people watch less set-top box television and stream more videos online, you can capitalize on this trend for free by shooting YouTube videos. Simply create a video and link your business website to it. Create content that is both interesting and compelling and people will be more likely to share it with others and spread the word.

12. Offer Free Samples

Whether you have an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, free samples are a great way to build loyalty and interest in your company. Online you can create an eBook that you give to people in exchange for their contact information and if you have a store, give away a taste or a small package of product. Try to get something in exchange, like a phone or email address, so you can follow up later.

13. Celebrate Holidays with Customers

If your business thrives during a holiday, make sure all your customers know you want them to enjoy it. If you sell retail products, you will likely want to send emails or letters between Thanksgiving and Christmas reminding your customers about your business. Whichever holiday best epitomizes your brand, remind your customers that you’re ready to help them make the most of it.

14. Bundle with Other Companies

Do you offer a complimentary product or service to another company? Then consider working together to design a package deal that gives customers the best of both worlds. This will double your marketing effort since two companies will be selling the same bundle. Make sure to create a written agreement with the other business to clarify all the details in writing.

15. Offer a Follow Up Product

Customers who already bought from you are the most likely to buy again. Follow up with current customers by offering specials and complimentary products to those that they already purchased. You can do this over the phone, through email, and direct mail.

16. Upgrade Your Voicemail

If a potential client calls, make sure they are greeted with a professional voicemail. If your kid answers, that client probably won’t be back. Instead talk to your phone company and get a voicemail service that allows callers to press numbers for different options like ‘leave a message” or “check store hours.”

17. Offer Your Help

Being a giving person can go a long way with word-of-mouth. Volunteer and do good deeds and people will start to talk about how you’re a good person and be more likely to do business with you. Also consider giving your ideas freely. With this advice, do not do the good deed seeking something in return. People can smell the ulterior motive on you.

18.Join Chat Groups and Forums

Online there are forums and discussion groups for every topic. Find where your target audience is hanging out and join the conversation. This is free and takes just a few minutes per week to reach some new people and generate new business.

19. Get Featured in the Local News

As a business, you want to be an integral part of the local community. Play up your involvement and write personalized news releases. News organizations love these local success stories. You can even contact towns and counties in which you used to live and see if they will feature your story.

20. Shower Your Best Customers with Appreciation

Whether your top customers offer you a lot of volume or dollars, always make sure they know they are appreciated. Send a thank-you email, a letter or take them out for lunch. People remember these small acts and they do not cost much money. The investment will be well worth the few dollars.

Getting new business does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Instead there are cheap and easy solutions available to grow your company quickly and effectively. Do any of these 20 tips stand out to you? What will you try next to get new business?