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12 Marketing Tips for Your Small Business Today

As a small business owner, your focus is on developing your product. One of the top ways to do that is by increasing your reach through marketing — which can often feel like one more thing to do on an already full list. There are many small ways you can invest in your marketing that can yield big payoffs. These 12 marketing tips can save you time and money and introduce your brand to new prospects and customers.

1. In-Person Networks Still Beat Social Networking

While it may take time away from your work in your office or shop, face-to-face marketing makes a big impact. It gives you the chance to build relationships, learn more about opportunities to get involved and share your expertise. Not sure how to get started?

Attending Events Matters

Check with your local chamber of commerce, professional association, or ask a colleague for a reference. These regular meetings often feature speakers who will bring educational talks, opportunities to share about your brand and ways to meet new prospects. In fact, a study from the Content Marketing Institute shows that 75 percent of marketers feel that in-person events are the most effective marketing tactics.

2. Go Old School

There is a reason why companies still write press releases, create brochures and flyers, and hand out business cards.

Boost Communication

These pieces still work. In a digital world, which can tend to be impersonal and cold, using these traditional marketing tools requires communication between both parties – whether they’re picking up the phone or scheduling a meeting.

3. Create Authority With Great Content

Think about what sets your business apart and who you want to reach. Great content marries these two lists.

Interesting Info

Whether you’re blogging, posting, or tweeting, it’s important to think about the information that interests each segment of your prospects. Creating lists, guides, and creatively sharing industry stats and trends will position you as an expert about your business, and will put you at the front of your prospects’ minds.

4. (Moving) Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

Many small businesses don’t create videos because it seems like a costly, time-consuming activity. In reality, a brief clip with a smartphone can be just as powerful as a thoughtfully produced piece.

Sharing and Teaching

Sharing big news and teaching followers about a specific aspect of your business will catch your prospects’ attention and keep them engaged.

5. Make an Impact with Infographics

Studies show that infographics are important. Numerous researchers have found that interaction and sharing will increase when text is accompanied by a relevant graphic.

Data and Images Are a Winning Combo

Infographics, which combine compelling data with eye-catching images and colors, tend to increase retention and help keep prospects in tune with your company.

6. Automate Your Marketing

Automated marketing takes online tools and platforms and helps you use them to reap time and cost savings while moving your prospects through your sales funnel.

Keep On Moving

For example, when you automate your marketing, instead of sending an individual welcome email to each person who signs up for your mailing list, program an email to be sent as soon as they have chosen to join your list.

7. Claim Your Online Listings

Your business is listed on a variety of Websites, both general and industry-specific — but they are not always up-to-date.

Stay Updated

Claiming your business on these sites allows you to update your information and keep prospects aware of changes to your hours, products, or even locations.

8. Narrow Down Your Networks

Not every social media network is ideal for every business. Know where your customers are going and market accordingly.

Focus on a Few

If all of your customers are on Twitter, focus your time on improving your feed and tweeting interesting, relevant content, instead of building content on Pinterest. Stick with a few platforms rather than every option. This is the easiest way to find more qualified prospects.

9. Schedule Social Media Posts

Whether you use each individual networking site’s scheduling tools, or an online option that lets you log in once and schedule posts on each site from one platform, take advantage of the tools at your disposal.

Make Time to Save Time

Block off a period of time: an hour a week, or every couple weeks, and use it to schedule your posts for the next week, two weeks or month. This will save you time in the long run and allow you to create better quality content.

10. Build Your Blog

The content you’ve started to generate won’t do anything for your business until it is shared with others.

Driving Traffic

Creating and maintaining a blog is one of the top ways to drive traffic to your site while building authority and sharing your content.

11. Plan Ahead

It’s hard to develop seasonal marketing themes when the season is already upon you. Develop a marketing and content calendar that will help you stay on track.

Topics That Make Sense

This calendar will help you think about interesting topics and plan your publishing schedule in advance so that it makes sense for you and your customers.

12. Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help

Work with someone who has experience in marketing to get you started. There are many factors to consider to help you get off the ground.

Let a Pro Do It

If it gets overwhelming, find a professional company that can manage your marketing while you are running your business.

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