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11 Reasons to Create a Small Business Marketing Blog

Blogs are all the rage right now. It seems like every small business has a blog, and there is a good reason for that. Blogs are effective ways for businesses to get their message out to the public. Keep reading to learn some great reasons why every small business should have a blog as part of their marketing strategy.

1.  Blogs are simple and effective

A Blog is a simple yet effective ways to get a message across to consumers. It allows a business to connect with their current and potential customers and also share relevant information in a timely manner.

2.  Blogging generates leads

Small businesses rely on leads for their business to grow. According to Small Business Sense, companies that have blogs see leads increase by 165%. That amount is too significant to ignore.  Some other significant statistics regarding businesses that blog include the following:

  • 69% of businesses credit their lead generation to blogging
  • 57% of businesses that have a blog have generated a lead because of it
  • 81% of businesses consider their blog a critical part of lead generation

3.  Blogging drive traffic to a website

Blogs that are written with a marketing strategy in mind have a tendency to appear high in Internet searches. So, they will lead targeted Internet traffic to a company’s landing pages.

  • Companies that blog report a staggering 97% increase in inbound links
  • Businesses that blog 20 times in a month get five times more traffic than those that blog four times or fewer per month

4.  Blogging helps the overall marketing campaign

Blogs are also a low-cost marketing tool that that promote business growth. Blogging helps companies make a connection with their target markets and helps to promote their products. It is also a medium that creates a bridge between the consumer and the product because of its entertaining and educational content. Often, information that appears on a blog will often find its way to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. It can even end up in newsletters and other industry publications.

5.  Blogging builds trust and branding

Consumers have a tendency to believe the information they read in a blog. Also, regular blogging that is helpful to consumers helps to build trust and creates causes consumers to look at a business as an industry authority. When a business is confident enough to create a blog, it can easily increase trust, which leads to better relationships and increased sales.

6.  Blogging gives a company a voice

A blog is an immediate forum for discussing new products and services. It can also be used to announce and discuss industry news or trends. A blog is a great place for a company to announce new initiatives that are being implemented or post any other information that lets the company’s brand shine for everyone to see.

7.  Blogging creates a two-way conversation

Blogging is an effective way to communicate with consumers and industry peers. Blogs can start conversations and promote interaction, comments, and feedback. It is important to reply to every comment that is posted regarding a blog.

8.  Blogging keeps a business focused

A blog Good blogs are updated and added to regularly. This means that posts need to be scheduled, and it is up to the marketing department to make sure it is adhered to. Blogging keeps everyone on their toes since ideas for topics constantly need to be generated. When everyone is focused on future blogging content, it means everyone is engaged in the company and the work that is being completed. Since everyone involved with the blog must always be aware of industry trends and other important aspects, a business that blogs will always be ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of the industry.

9.  Blogging creates free PR

The blogger for a company can passively present public relations opportunities for the company. Often blog posts lead to interviews by industry publications and are referred to by industry experts.

10.  Blogging makes a business self-aware

Blogging requires a business to have a defined identity. A company that blogs must be confident in itself and its position in the industry. A blogger must know for whom the blog is being written and why it is being written. These qualities will strengthen the overall identity of the company.

 11.  Blogging gives a company insight to its audience

The analytics that are gathered from a blog allows a company to track its readers and discern what topics are the most important to them.

Blogging has advantages at every level of a small business.  If you want to start a blog for your small business but do not know where to start, WPamplify can help. Contact us today; we would love to hear from you!