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10 Unique Small Businesses Fall Marketing Ideas

Holidays are one of the best times to promote your small businesses new offerings and best-selling practices. If you want to open yourself up to new revenues and consumers, putting together a holiday-themed marketing campaign can be a great way to boost your visibility!

With Fall now upon us, it is time to start breaking out the Pumpkin Spice and football references. By taking the right approach to Fall themed marketing campaigns, you can build up the ability of your business to obtain new demographics’ business!

1. First Day of Fall Sales

After Summer, Fall is perhaps the most sought after time of the year, and people tend to get hyped about it. Get people excited for the new season and your soon-to-come promotions by having a first day of Fall sale. Offer products that are part of your new fall offerings and you will have a quick way to make a profit and get the buzz around town about your new products. Restaurants, shops, clothing stores and more have more than enough product promotional material to start off the season right with an awesomely put together first day of Fall sale!

2.  Prepare People for Christmas

Christmas is the biggest time of year for almost every business, and Fall is the best time to begin prepping your consumers for the season. Start promoting your Christmas releases in subtle ways, and being putting out Christmas decorations gradually to remind people to save up for your big sales. The more effectively you get them excited, the more successful you will be once the holidays come around.

3.  Back to School Sales

The first few weeks of school and the time that comes before it are full of potential sales opportunities. From school children to their parents, everyone will be looking for school supplies, back to school gifts, and school appropriate lunch materials. If you want to steal business away from more expensive mega stores, be sure to highlight the cost effective attributes of your offerings. Small businesses are in the perfect position to benefit from the back to school boom, so offering a back to school sale is a great way to boost your revenue and foot traffic.

4.  Fall Themed Website Layouts

The atmosphere and offerings of a physical location are not always relevant to small businesses. Although some small businesses still have physical locations, many tend to focus on online markets. One way to get increased traffic to your website during the new season is to create awesome looking and engaging fall themed website layouts. New customers and old will be excited to get into the Fall spirit when they visit your new site.

5.  You’re Welcome Day Sale

Although it is not as well publicized as other holidays on this list, November 28th is National “You’re Welcome Day.” If you want to show customers that you truly care, this holiday can be a great way to justify offering amazing deals to your loyal customers. Keep them engaged and loyal by extending the best “you’re welcome” possible with discounts and deals. Additionally, this day can be a great opportunity to mess around with your brand’s identity in creative and exciting ways.

6.  Football, Football, Football Sales

Football is basically an American religion, and having offerings that have to do with America’s favorite sport is a great way to open yourself up to new revenue and customers. Practically every football offering you have can be tailored toward local popular teams to maximize the marketing potential of your products/services. If your small business is based online, you can even offer to rebrand products to any popular national team. If you want to boost your visibility and keep yourself looking informed on popular culture, you must find a way to incorporate football into your Fall marketing practices.

7.  Halloween Discounts for Costumes

Halloween is another time of the year people get excited about, and finding ways to draw people into your business based on the holiday is important to any small business. Offering discounts for anybody visiting your store in costume can be a great way to attract people to your business for both awesome deals and people watching opportunities.

8.  Oktoberfest Food Offerings

Many amazing drink and food deals are associated with Fall. From pumpkin spices to Oktoberfest, people often get excited for Fall due to the cuisine alone. If you want to capitalize on this exciting time and offer food products, be sure to capitalize on Fall specific food offerings. After all, you never know when you will find a food or drink offering that will define your seasonal business practices in the same way that “pumpkin spice lattes” have made Starbucks a massive success.

9.  Small Business Saturday

Although it is close to “You’re Welcome Day,” the Small Business Saturday holiday on Nov. 29th is a great time to brag about your small business success stories. Offer deals on your top products to attract all sorts of new clientele to your website or store. With the focus on small business, you are bound to attract new customers who enjoy supporting the local little guy. Try taking your marketing and products to the street for an even wider customer outreach effort on this important small business holiday.

10.  Advertise by Sponsoring a Little League Team

If you want to build yourself as a small business that cares about its community, and get free advertising in the process, you should consider sponsoring a little league team. Doing so will help spread word of mouth about your business quickly and help you feel a little better about your businesses ability to give back to the world. Additionally, you will get to see the smiling faces of young athletes and know that you helped define one of the best times of their lives.

Now that you have a starting point, it’s time to get involved with your marketing team and begin preparing for Fall marketing opportunities. Each chance you take at a big Fall themed sale or offering is another chance to see your revenues skyrocket!

At WPamplify, we are dedicated to helping small business owners find marketing ideas that will drastically improve the success of their practices. If you want to learn more about branding ideas and read other great small business centric material, be sure to check out our blog. We post consistently to ensure you are always ready to take the next big step toward having a knockout business!