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10 Reasons to Update Your WordPress Website Design

Keeping your WordPress website design updated ensures it looks and functions its best, so it can promote your business and close sales. From software or code updates to content updates there are different facets of a site that need regular care and attention. Code updates impact the structure of the site and ensure it works the way you want it to, and the way it should. Content updates have to do with the text and images you add. A website is such an important part of your business, and regular updates and maintenance are necessary to keep everything in working order. Website maintenance is an ongoing job, but here’s why it is such as an important job.

1. Keep Links Active

Links are necessary to make your site informative and SEO ready, but as pages are moved or changed links can break. A broken link is a dead end that will create a negative customer experience. Regularly check links to make sure they are working as intended so that customers can gather the information they need.

2. Make It a Habit to Review Content

Content is so important to a website. Well written and informative content lends authority to your brand. It also creates an opportunity to engage with customers regularly. Periodically review the content to make sure it is still relevant and correct. Everything down to your contact info should be reviewed for accuracy from time to time.

3. Maintain a Fresh Look

Imagery keeps a site attractive and visually appealing. People will linger on your site if it is beautiful or interesting to view. Routinely update the photos on your site to prevent it from looking dated This also sends the message to regular visitors that your brand is actively engaged in keeping your brand fresh and relevant.

4. Find Out How People Use Your Site

Analytics can give you some great info about how people use your website. You can find out which pages get the most visits, and which pages are not so popular. This makes it possible to identify areas of your site that need improvement because they are not working for your visitors. Fix these areas to make the user experience easier and more informative.

5. Run the Latest Version of WordPress and Plugins

WordPress is always coming out with new Core updates, and developers are always updating plugins. The updated code keeps everything in working order and makes your site more functional and as fast as possible. Updates also fix earlier bugs or issues, so installing updates can fix problems. WordPress offers an updates notifier. Once downloaded you can use it to schedule how often you are notified about updates. This way you will never miss an update and always be running the most recent version of Core and any plugins you use.

6. Improve the User Experience

When everything is up-to-date, you have the option of using the latest and greatest features or plugins. You can add functionality to your site and make it easier to navigate and more informative. If you are running an older version of Core, there are newer plugins that are not available to you. Updating the version and plugins will make your site more robust, easier to use and more engaging for visitors.

7. Reduce the Odds of Being Hacked

When you keep WordPress Core and plugins up to date, your website will be safe and secure and less likely to be hacked. Hackers have identified the weaknesses in older versions of Core and plugins. When you continue to use outdated code your site is vulnerable, and there is a greater chance of your site falling victim.

8. Keep Your Product List Current

As products or services are discontinued or added these changes must be carried through on your site. It can be incredibly frustrating for a customer to place an order only to find out after the fact that the product they wanted is no longer available. It is also impossible for your customers to purchase products they do not know exist, so make sure everything is on your website.

9. Align Branding

Your website is a resource for your customers. It is also more than likely the first experience your customers and potential customers will have with your brand. It should be informative and consistent with other branded materials. As you make changes and updates to your brand, these changes need to be implemented on your site, too.

10. Spread the Word About Changes and News

A WordPress website can be used to keep your customers informed about changes within your company and your industry. Use your blog to publish relevant posts continually. Ongoing updates will establish your company as an authority in the field. It will also give customers confidence in your brand.

Search engines pay attention to how people use websites. When you routinely add new content and create an engaging website you will receive more clicks. Search engines will notice and your site’s ranking will improve. This will translate into even more clicks and traffic driven to your site. It takes work to maintain a WordPress website, but the hard work can easily pay off and help your business succeed.

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